While we tend to focus on the firearms themselves, the first step in home defense is developing a plan for protecting your household... On several occasions I’ve had the opportunity…
As is the case in many states, big game hunting is an age-restricted endeavor in my state of Colorado. That means I can take my young boys with me on…
Two great rimfires go head-to-head... When it comes to the American shooting sports, no rifle cartridge is as wildly popular as the .22 Long Rifle, especially for plinking or small…
Whether you’re glassing alpine mountain slopes deep in the backcountry, or hunting rolling hill country and ranch lands, nothing gets the blood pumping quite like a Western mule deer hunt.…
First introduced in 1957 as an experimental military cartridge for the Armalite AR-15 rifle, the .223 has since proven itself on the battlefield (in the military variant 5.56 NATO) and…
If you think about it, Coyote hunting can be year round — certain parts of fall (depending on which part of the country you're in), late winter, early spring, and…
When it comes to our national heritage, nothing is more genuinely and historically American than deer hunting. Likewise, nothing captures our affection as hunters and riflemen — or stirs the…
While long-range shooting can be an incredibly expensive pursuit capable of boggling your mind with the kind of physics equations that would make Sir Isaac Newton scratch his head, it…
On a recent cold-weather coyote hunt on the Eastern Plains of Colorado, I sat hidden among a sea of tall grass, the sky clear and brisk and the FoxPro call…
For many years I followed the time honored tradition among American hunters of slinging two rounds of lead down-range the day before rifle hunting, thinking this was an adequate tune-up…
Western mule deer hunting doesn't always get the same adoration from hunters as elk, and part of that is likely because of the excitement that comes with hunting big-bodied bulls…
As a lifelong hunter, I followed the traditional path into the field. My father took me hunting from an early age and introduced me to shooting sports, first with an…
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