You’ve put the work in.  You’ve had a successful hunt. Now it’s time to take the photos. Shooting hunting photos is actually a task that should be taken with a…
As a former waterfowl guide, and a firearms instructor, I am often asked for wingshooting tips, and last year, I was honored with a request to take a friend’s family,…
I never thought I would hunt in Africa… then it happened.  Let’s just say, mind blown!  The African adventure is something any hunter should throw on his or her bucket list. …
Want to know the best times to hunt and fish? Check out the Mossberg Fish and Game Forecaster. The data below is provided by our friends at DataSport, Inc. and…
Duck hunting in college can be excruciating at times. I have countless examples of poor time management decisions that I've made as a college student who runs dangerously close to addiction…
It's time to take the whitetail challenge! Find out how skilled of a hunter you are and how much knowledge you possess in survival skills! Vision, hearing, your sixth sense:…
Green. It’s what true duck hunting fanatics crave…as in drake mallards. And there are so many locales across the four flyways to pursue a limit of our most beloved bird.…
For the second year in a row now, Mossberg is proud to sponsor the Sportsman Channel's annual Racksgiving celebration - a 5-night event to coincide with Mossberg's FIVE days of Black…
I confess: I LOVE grouse hunting season here in Colorado. I look forward to it with a maniacal anticipation. The employees at the local sporting goods store probably know me…
It was sunny, warm, and we were in the field late. The morning’s flight of honkers had already started and the outfitter was scrambling to set the rig just right.…
Gunsite: Not only for personal defense training...hunters welcome! Recently, Mossberg hosted a group of writers at the famed Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Ariz. Their missions: to wring out the Mossberg Patriot…
  While the "foodie" movement of late recognizes the importance of eating locally-sourced food, and the "farm-to-table" concept, hunting for meat and going "field-to-table" has been a lifestyle being lived out…
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