26- or 28-Inch Barrel Lengths in Black and Bottomland® Camo Options for Greater Versatility Choose from two new 12-gauge, 3-inch field versions of Mossberg’s reliable 930 autoloader and two field…
Back in my early days of predator calling, I would sneak a battery powered stereo - I think we called them a boom box - out of the house to…
Fall turkey hunting.  While many hunters do not have the interest in hunting turkeys in the fall, I personally highly recommend it. I cannot speak for other hunters but I…
Believe it or not... You can teach your brain to break clay targets without ever pulling the trigger!  Watch these “kill shots” to see what it looks like when Gil…
OSP Shooting School Animations... Are specially-designed to teach you how to be a more effective target or wing shooter.  Watch Gil & Vicki Ash's demonstration to better understand the methods…
To shoot a moving target... You must focus 100% of your attention on the target while inserting your muzzle in front of the target.  Get the picture?  Most new shooters…
You’ll never be a great shotgunner... If you can’t consistently move and mount your shot.  Gil and Vicki Ash demonstrate a drill that will help teach you how to properly…
Learn from Gil & Vicki Ash... As they provide an overview of the OSP Shooting School’s method of teaching.  Team Ash explains the work necessary to become a competent target-…
Waterfowl hunting. It has become nothing short of an obsession to me over the last couple of years. I love it. I realized I may need some sort of intervention…
Whether you are a hobby shooter or someone that carries professionally, chances are you’ve been exposed to the rules of firearm safety. While these rules provide the foundation for firearm…
There's nothing that compares to being in the vortex of a snow goose tornado, as seen in the latest episode of The Hunger.   Watch as Josh Dahlke heads to Arkansas with…
You can kill more ducks with this sporting clays tip simply because it comes down to a cliche that is as old as creation: you practice like you play; or,…
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