Mag-Fed Versatility in a Compact Pump-Action Combining the convenience and adaptability of a mag‐fed shotgun with a “Non‐NFA” pump‐action platform, Mossberg is proud to introduce the 590M Shockwave 12‐gauge firearm…
We were nearing the 5 minute mark in our calling stand when doubt started to creep in as to whether or not we’d have a coyote respond to our calls.…
In America, there are countless days (and months) of celebration, and now the shooting sports have a month of their own. The National Shooting Sports Foundation has declared August to…
Believe it or not... You can teach your brain to break clay targets without ever pulling the trigger!  Watch these “kill shots” to see what it looks like when Gil…
OSP Shooting School Animations... Are specially-designed to teach you how to be a more effective target or wing shooter.  Watch Gil & Vicki Ash's demonstration to better understand the methods…
You’ll never be a great shotgunner... If you can’t consistently move and mount your shot.  Gil and Vicki Ash demonstrate a drill that will help teach you how to properly…
Learn from Gil & Vicki Ash... As they provide an overview of the OSP Shooting School’s method of teaching.  Team Ash explains the work necessary to become a competent target-…
When it comes to defining a shotgun, the answer to this question is not if it’s an Any Other Weapon (AOW) or Pistol Grip Firearm (PGF). Shotguns Most people assume…
Opinions are like elbows. Most everybody seems to have a couple of them. And when it comes to opinions on the ultimate predator gun, well, you’ll find at least a…
Wondering how to manage and use recoil to your advantage? After you get your stance just right, watch this quick tip from Jeremy Stafford, demonstrating how you can be faster and more effective by…
Stance with a shotgun may start with the feet, but when done properly, it involves the entire body up to and including a firm cheek-weld.  Watch as Jeremy Stafford shares…
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