Sadly, home defense is a reality. And while the debate ensues as to whether hand guns or shotguns are better options for home defense, I am going out on a…
Turkey hunting has mind-bending moments. This video confronts every turkey hunter's worst nightmare and the very thing they seek when the go to the woods: what do you do when…
Turkey calling and just calling to turkeys are two different concepts entirely. This is epic strutting footage on how to hunt hardwood toms. In this turkey hunting video you are going…
Turkey calls are wide and varied, and it seems turkey hunters want to mimic a wide variety of sounds. However, there is one call every turkey hunter must master: the plain…
Shane Simpson, host of Calling All Turkeys, sponsored by Mossberg, is back with the 4th season, episode 1: Public Land Osceola Hunt. In this episode, Doug Updike, good friend of…
Josh Dahlke, hunter, writer, and creator of the ScoutLook series, “THE HUNGER” is returning with an even deeper look at the organic movement back from its roots, demonstrating a life spent hunting for…
The season continues for Calling All Turkeys Host Shane Simpson  as he heads down to Woody Outfitters in Garnett, KS to participate in a sponsored media hunt. The goal of…
Good calling is a better asset than woodsman ship when it comes to turkey hunting.... or is it the other way around? Hunt turkey long enough and the debate over which…
Shane Simpson heads to the Winnebago Reservation in northeast Nebraska for some early season turkey hunting action. After a successful first morning, Shane meets up with his brother, Sargent First…
Shane Simpson makes his annual trip to Howards Grove, WI as part of the Wisconsin "Learn to Hunt" program. Simpson and mentor, Randy Dumez, try to help a first time…
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