The 2018 spring turkey season will go down as the toughest turkey season yet for a lot of hunters across the country. It’s been a weird year, with lingering winter…
Fall turkey hunting.  While many hunters do not have the interest in hunting turkeys in the fall, I personally highly recommend it. I cannot speak for other hunters but I…
Turkey calling in late season is different ... by far. A hunter must remember that turkeys go through what we refer to as "transitions" and that means that your turkey…
Turkey hunting has mind-bending moments. This video confronts every turkey hunter's worst nightmare and the very thing they seek when the go to the woods: what do you do when…
Turkey hunting and bad weather, metaphorically, do not go together to the casual observer. However, I can promise you that when bad weather rolls in, my hopes go up in…
In this turkey hunting video we are going to cover two critical fundamentals on what to do when a tom gobbles at you. Looking back on my decades of turkey…
There is nothing—and I mean nothing—more difficult in all of bird hunting than killing an educated eastern tom. If you haven’t turkey hunted for more than a decade, they’re smarter…
While I hardly consider myself an expert turkey hunter, I do give it my all. I’m like the kid who always gets the honorable mention ribbons. My calling is marginal…
Locating turkeys with shock calls is the perfect way to get a tom to gobble without giving up your position. And no, we are not covering how to make the…
It's Spring time for Shane Simpson.  His life has changed and for the next 60 days, sleep will become something he used to enjoy. He is a turkey hunter.  He…
For decades, Mossberg has been synonymous with turkey hunting, and from what we figure, more toms have been taken with a Mossberg than any other brand shotgun. This year we've pulled…
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