With four kids of my own, ranging in age from 5-15, I’m continually learning of the vast differences that come when teaching a child to shoot. They are all so…
I went on my first hunting adventure with my dad when I was seven or eight years old... The hunt was for squirrels on a little 18-acre chunk of woods…
Heading to the woods with your son or daughter for their first hunt without proper preparation can be a disaster... We want to make memories with our kids, but we…
As is the case in many states, big game hunting is an age-restricted endeavor in my state of Colorado. That means I can take my young boys with me on…
When I think back over my favorite hunts of all time, the ones at the top of my list are the hunts I shared with my kids... These hunts never…
It's time for the youth hunt. Then again, maybe your work schedule this year didn't allow for youth deer season, or that annual dove hunt, and maybe this is the…
With four little kiddos in my household beginning their hunting career, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect deer gun for the smallest of kids. Like countless other young…
Let’s be honest, some spring break vacations are better than others. So when my wife mentioned going to Florida while my kids were out of school for spring break, I…
I’ll never forget the sobering feeling when I first thought of introducing my son to duck hunting. There’s some material out there on how to introduce youth to hunting, but it’s…
“My first youth gun was a Mossberg…” We can’t count the number of times we hear that line, and it's a sentiment we never tire of (second only to our…
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