Available in traditional field, field/tactical hybrids, and a new Mossy Oak Turkey THUGS camo model, the SA-20 offers lightweight pointability and smooth, dependable Autoloading in 20 gauge.

When the Miculeks step to the line, it’s about winning and setting records. Now, you can get 930 autoloaders built to their most demanding championship-level specifications.

A versatile 3-inch autoloader perfectly suited for upland fields, treestands or mornings in the blind. Chock full of features and quality details usually found on shotguns costing significantly more.

When it comes to home-security firearms… a simple-to-operate, dependable autoloader can make a world of difference in a crisis.

Hardcore hunters want a shotgun that delivers the hardest-hitting magnum turkey and waterfowl payloads with ease. Accuracy and reach are unprecedented in the 935 Magnum 3½” autoloader.

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