A shotgun's stock (butt stock) and forend (forearm) are generally made from the same materials, sometimes referred to as a gun's "furniture." Most often, stocks are described as walnut, stain finished or synthetic.

Although most of these terms are self explanatory, three abbreviations you may encounter are: LOP, DAC and DAH.

Walnut stocks are the traditional choice because of the walnut wood's natural rich color and pleasing grain. A "finished" description indicates a colored stain has been applied to birch, maple or other close-grained woods; these are more durable, but have less grain definition and color attributes. Synthetic is a plastic-type material that has recently gained dramatic popularity. It requires little maintenance and can handle substantial abuse, including extreme weather conditions. Synthetic materials are also very compatible to use with any camouflage finish.

(LOP) Length of Pull: The distance from the center of the trigger to the center of the recoil pad. Measurements can vary by manufacturer and model. An average standard length is 14" and about one inch less for models often described as Youth, Junior, Ladies or Bantam*.

(DAH) Drop at Heel: The vertical distance from an extended line of sight to the heel of the stock.

(DAC) Drop at Comb: The vertical distance from an extended line of sight to the comb section of the stock.

Special Note: The drop at comb (DAC) and heel (DAH) can be customized to suit your shooting style. Simply place one or more of our four-piece Stock Drop Spacer (#95091) accessory inserts, between the receiver and stock to raise or lower the vertical angle of our stock. This feature will help increase comfort and accuracy, particularly when shooting with a scope or rifle-type sights.

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