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Turkey Hunting: Calling Skills or Woodsmanship – What is More Important?


Good calling is a better asset than woodsman ship when it comes to turkey hunting…. or is it the other way around? Hunt turkey long enough and the debate over which is more important will undoubtedly come up. Although one can argue the merits of both, there is no disputing that a hunter, highly skilled in both departments, will be successful more often than his or her one-dimensional counterparts.

To emphasize this point, veteran turkey hunter and caller, Shane Simpson will guide us through several hunts where each attribute has merit and illustrate how both, when used together, are down right deadly against spring gobblers.

While it is tough to practice woodsmanship when you’re not in the field, the winter is a great time to practice turkey calling technique so you’ll be ready when the season comes.  To learn how to master the diaphragm mouth call takes time and the right coaching – get started on the right foot with Shane’s video, “Mouth Call Mechanics.”

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