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Turkey Hunting In Bad Weather: How To Turkey Hunt Stormy Days

Turkey hunting and bad weather, metaphorically, do not go together to the casual observer. However, I can promise you that when bad weather rolls in, my hopes go up in terms of ambushing a strutter.

turkey hunting bad weatherThis turkey hunting video is going to show you (2) key components to killing birds in bad weather.

Turkey Hunting Bad Weather Is About Timing

You must pick your moments.  You’ll see a familiar face on the Rugged American Hunter series in Kirk Whitmore. He’s been consistently killing strutters for over 50 years. We put our heads together on an epic hunt where a tom came in on a fast track.

Once you’ve watched this video, here’s another great, short segment called Why Position Matters As Much As Calling. It is the most overlooked tool turkeys hunters rarely employ when consistently killing birds.



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