Holiday Buying Guides

What to Buy for Someone Who Loves Turkey Hunting


Avoid giving the big gobbler hunter in your life yet another lame hunting gift this holiday season. Instead, check out our gift ideas specifically scouted to will help your turkey hunter bring the big ones home!

Mossberg 930 Turkey Shotgun

turkey shotgun

Mossberg 930 Turkey Shotgun (#85270) (MSRP: $896.00)

If your turkey hunter is looking for reduced recoil and muzzle climb, consider gifting him or her our new 930 Autoloading Turkey Shotgun. Ruggedly reliable, the 930 also offers quicker second shot recovery with an empty magazine button. Turkeys won’t stand a chance against the 930 Turkey shotgun this hunting season.

Mossy Oak Obsession Hoodie

mossy oak hoodie

Mossy Oak Obsession Hoodie

Our Mossy Oak Obsession Hoodie will not just show off your hunter’s Mossberg pride; it will also help keep him or her well hidden from gobblers’ excellent eyesight. Whether a turkey’s habitat of choice is the dense woods, open fields, or cozily roosting in a tree, they won’t be able to blink twice when your hunter begins “sneaking and speaking” towards them dressed in our sport-wicking camo hoodie. This cozy hoodie is the perfect hunting gear for a successful bust.

Mossberg 500 Turkey Shotgun

turkey shotgun

Mossberg 500 Turkey Shotgun (#55115) (MSRP: $470.00)

Bust the big gobblers this season with one of Mossberg’s turkey shotguns for an unbeatable price. Our classic 12 gauge 500 Turkey Shotgun with a 24″ vent-ribbed, ported barrel comes with adjustable fiber optic sights and synthetic stock. At 7.25 lbs., it’s light enough for turkey hunting but still heavy enough to reduce that recoil. Bonus: it’s available for you lefties and righties!

Camo Hunting Sling


Neoprene Hunting Sling

Camo Hunting Sling ($22.99)

Ease the weight of your hunter’s shotgun by upgrading it with an adjustable, two-point Mossberg Neoprene Hunting Sling. These lightweight slings will keep your hunter quietly moving forward by allowing him or her to carry their gun with comfort – ready to pound even more gobblers! Built with durable, waterproof neoprene material, these camo hunting slings will ensure that the only heavy load a hunter will carry season after season is a hefty sack of birds.

Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag Turkey Shotgun

turkey shotgun

Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag Turkey Shotgun (#62420) (MSRP: $601.00)

With a weather-proof stock and its adjustable fiber-optic, even your most rugged turkey hunter is going to get a kick out of this gun. The Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag Turkey Shotgun features a 20″ barrel for quick and smooth movements in both a blind and a cover. This ulti-mag shotgun is the ultimate versatile shotgun, effortlessly handling light rounds to 3-1/2″ loads. And check that Mossy Oak Obsession for some serious camoflauge.

Realtree Extra Green Camo Hat

Realtree hat

Realtree Extra Green Camo Hat ($15.00)

When it comes to turkey hunting, there’s no such thing as a rain-date. Your turkey hunter will continue to have a good day regardless of the weather. The Realtree Extra Green Camo Hat will protect turkey hunters from harsh elements like blistering sun rays or torrential downpour. Durable yet lightweight, this fully adjustable, camouflaged cap is the perfect finishing touch for your turkey hunter’s rugged field-wear.

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