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7-Shots Now Available In Mossberg’s Legendary 590® Tactical Shotguns

Let’s face it, when it comes to choosing a shotgun, capacity matters. No one ever questions the suitability of a shotgun for home and personal security but few spend the time needed to learn to reload quickly enough when it matters most. The new 7-shot 590 and 590A1 models offer the same compact size, convenience, flexibility and reliability that the Military, Law Enforcement and discerning citizens have trusted for years, but add one feature, one extra shot, where it is needed most. We are pleased to introduce the new 7-shot line up of duty-proven Mossberg 5090A1 and 590 shotguns:

The 590A1 Tactical (50774) offers quick target aquistion with a Ghost Ring rear and front post sight system , a first for Mossberg, a 18 ½” security barrel featuring the Mossberg ACCU-CHOKE interchangeable choke system with a cylinder bore choke installed, , durable parkerized metal finishes, and black synthetic stock and railed forend.

The 590A1 Tactical (50776) model features a front bead sight, fixed cylinder bore barrel, durable parkerized metal finishes, and black synthetic stock and railed forend.

The 590A1 Typhon Camo (50775) version has a Ghost Ring rear and front post sight system, a cylinder bore barrel, and is fully camouflaged with Kryptek Typhon, a non-reflective, highly effective concealment pattern on the stock and railed forend.


For the harshest of conditions, the 590A1 Marinecote (50777) features Mossberg’s durable, corriosion resistant Marinecote® all-weather finish on all exposed metal parts; a bead front sight and cylinder bore barrel with black synthetic stock and railed forend.


The moderately priced 590 590 Tactical 7-Shot (50778), features a front bead sight, cylinder bore, matte blue metal finishes and a black synthetic stock and standard forend.

Like the Mossberg 500®, the 590A1 and 590 pump shotguns meet U.S. Armed Services Mil Spec 3443E requirements and feature non-binding twin action bars, positive steel-to-steel lock-up, an anti-jam elevator for smooth, reliable operation, dual extractors, anodized aluminum receiver, and Mossberg’s universally recognized, ambidextrous top-mounted safety.

When it comes to defending your home or family choose Mossberg. With the duty-proven features of the 590A1 and 590 tactical shotguns you’ll find a gun designed to fit any scenario with the capacity to succeed.

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