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Should You Use a Shotgun or Handgun for Home Defense?

There are many options and choices to consider after you’ve made the decision to add a firearm to your home security plan.  Some serious questions must be considered:  What training do I need?  How will I store the firearm?  What gun is best for my situation? Do I buy a shotgun or handgun for home defense?

Truth is, choosing the right tool for the job is a very personal choice and what is right for one person may be quite different for another.   Training, familiarity, gun handling skills, marksmanship and your personal and family situation can each play are role in determining the best choice.

In this video, Clint Smith, President and Training Director of Thunder Ranch shares a quick tip that demonstrates why a shotgun may be a better choice for many.

The shotguns used in the video are part of the Mossberg Thunder Ranch Series, developed in conjunction with Clint Smith.  Clint is a Marine Corps veteran, former SWAT team member, and current President and Director of the world-renowned Thunder Ranch training facility in Lakeview, Oregon.

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