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Best Guns Review: What’s Your Next Mossberg?

If you are like many gun owners, there’s always a new gun purchase on your mind or on the horizon.   Deer gun, turkey gun, home defense gun, long range rifle, plinking .22….the wish lists for the best guns go on and on.  Narrowing the field can be difficult, and many start that process online, researching the latest articles, reviews, forums and blogs.

In case you missed it, we thought we’d gather together some reviews that we were tagged in recently, in hopes it helps you find your way to your next Mossberg!

Gil Ash of OSP Shooting School on this week’s Gallery of Guns TV:

Features our 930 Pro-Series Sporting. Watch to find out what makes the 930 one of the best guns, and how you can get free access to Gil’s online shooting instructional videos for 60 days with the purchase of a 930 Sporting.


ReloadOne Blogger Calls Mossberg MVP LC and Unsung Hero:

For this blogger, the process of choosing the best guns is with painstaking research, “scouring the internet for a ridiculous amount of hours” before investing in a new gun.  See how his search led him to our Mossberg MVP LC, and how he chose to customize it for his long range rifle needs.

best guns


A Tale of Two Bears:

A great take on a hunt for brown bears by Outdoor Life editor, John Snow, which he said included the expected (bone-chilling cold), the unusual (wolverines), and the bizarre (Blackhawk helicopters)…all with a trusty Mossberg Patriot Rifle at his side.

best guns

Looking for a fun plinking gun?

Our innovative .22 Blaze Rifle with polymer receiver was put to the test on the range, and disassembled on the bench by American Rifleman to see what makes it tick:

 best guns


Guns America Reviewer:

Amidst his testing of our MVP Varmint, Jones fondly recalls our Vintage Model 800 Rifles.  Who else remember those?
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