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Campus Waterfowl Connects Collegiate Waterfowl Hunters

Collegiate duck hunters are driven, driven by their passion for duck hunting, by their commitment to the hunting community, and by their desire to not just to fit in, but to also be taken seriously.   Unfortunately, for many years, this group of dedicated hunters was overlooked and often forgotten.  Thanks to a new program, these waterfowl hunters have found a home, online.

Campus Waterfowl has become the central flyway for collegiate duck hunters and their sounding board.  With no small effort and a very short period of time, Campus Waterfowl  has grown to become the place to share, stories, tips and to connect for like-minded and like-aged duck hunters on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Campus Waterfowl collegiate interns with mentor Jason Cruise.  (pictured left to right) Logan Smith (Mississippi), Jason Cruise, Derek Christains (South Dakota), and Wesley Littlefield (Oklahoma)

“We created Campus Waterfowl to connect collegiate hunters with each other” Campus Waterfowl representative Wesley Littlefield stated. “We also wanted to convince elder hunters, who might look down on us due to our age, that we are “the real deal.””

Indeed this group is legit.  In just 1 1/2 years Campus Waterfowl has connected with more than 35,000 fellow hunters, showcasing the talents of collegiate hunters along the way.   By any standard, the growth of Campus Waterfowl has been phenomenal spurred by a great idea turned into action by Jason Cruise, a dedicated group of contributors, and some modest support from Mossberg.

“I began to notice something when surfing waterfowl accounts: there were tons of university students who were taking down ducks by the droves,” said Jason Cruise. “I wanted to put a voice to that, because I genuinely believe that collegiate waterfowl hunters have a lot to offer. From that simple idea came the “Campus Waterfowl Project.””

There are 3 things that set Campus Waterfowl apart from other social media platforms, including other collegiate hunting platform, that has driven their success.IMG_3387

Dedication:   The guys at Campus Waterfowl have been dedicated to their studies in the classroom, in order to be successful individuals throughout their collegiate careers and beyond. They have also been completely dedicated to all things waterfowl and waterfowl hunting in order for Campus Waterfowl to be as extraordinary as it is.

Innovation:   They have been and continue to be innovative in the ways they make time for schooling, studying, working, and hunting. They have been innovative in the way they approach their content throughout the platform. At times they have adopted proven methods and molded these methods into their own in order to connect with fellow collegiate hunters in the most effective ways possible.

Appreciation:  “The truth is we are utterly blown away by the attention we have received from other collegiate waterfowlers and support from major companies in the hunting industry,” stated Wesley Littlefield. “We only dreamed that Campus Waterfowl would one day grow to be as large as it is but we never imagined the day would come so quickly.  We aim to keep Campus Waterfowl respectable and available. Meaning we won’t be afraid to show our mommas all the content we post on our platform.  We are always open to suggestions or questions regarding Campus Waterfowl.  We do not ever want to get so prideful that we ignore the reason and people we created this platform for in the first place”



Campus Waterfowl offers a glimpse into the highs and lows of the lives of collegiate waterfowl hunters. Campus Waterfowl continues to strive to create a legacy worth remembering.  New additions have recently been made to the team by adding more representatives and two more platforms. Be sure not to miss the latest updates from the guys at Campus Waterfowl by following them on Twitter and Instagram @campuswaterfowl and by subscribing to their YouTube channel

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