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Cast Your Gunvote in November

gunvoteThe Gunvote cannot be underestimated, or taken for granted this November.

While traditionally election season picks up steam as the Summer rolls to a close, this year’s election cycle clearly has been in a heated full swing for months, and at the core of the debate are the rights granted to us under the Second Amendment.  That’s where the Gunvote comes in…

With the balance of the Supreme Court and our constitutional rights at stake under the next administration, it is crucial that all gun owners and Second Amendment supporters register to vote, and become informed about candidates’ positions.  Don’t stop at the Presidential candidates; there are statewide and Congressional seats up for reelection, and it is up to each of us to ensure our gun rights are protected.

Our CEO Iver Mossberg demonstrated the dedication to the Second Amendment  by O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc with a generous donation to the National Shooting Sports Foundation Gunvote initiative.  Now it’s time we all do our part and ensure we:

  1. Register to Vote if you have not already
  2. Research the candidates to make informed decisions
  3. Volunteer or donate to support the candidates who support the Second Amendment rights
  4. Find your polling place, so you can lastly, most importantly–VOTE!! Let’s Get out the #Gunvote on November 8th!

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