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Colion Noir is Back with Season 5: Power

What is the ultimate symbol of power? For some, it’s money, God or brute force. More fundamentally, it’s the ability to protect and defend your property, your family and your life. In the season 5 premiere of NOIR, sponsored by Mossberg, Colion explores the idea of power – how it’s perceived and the empowerment that comes from truly owning it.

No longer an anti-gun flower child, season 1 guest Antanique returns to train in Wyoming with Colion and the legendary Chris Costa. Never one to sugar-coat his personal firearms journey, Colion reveals his concealed carry emotional rollercoaster ride from shame and fear to confidence and empowerment – and in true NOIR fashion, Chris pushes Colion out on the range with barricade and moving communication drills. To wrap up the episode, Colion sits down with notorious season 4 guests, Ja-Mes and David, for an anti-gun roundtable discussion.

As the NOIR season continues, Colion will dive even deeper into what it means to be a 21st century gun owner and Second Amendment supporter. And of course, Colion will do what he does best—run and gun out on the range while dispensing nothing less than the cold hard truth. Rawer and more honest than ever, NOIR goes beyond the gun lover’s stereotypical stomping grounds to redefine the face of the gun community, proving that firearms have rightfully taken their place in the mainstream of America.

You can also watch NOIR on the new NRATV — it’s available online at or through the NRATV app on Apple TV. You can also view at the NRATV channel on Roku or via Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV.

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