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Colorado Elk Camp 2017: Day 3

Elk Camp Day 3

On Day 3, we spent the morning catching up on camp chores, prepping meat, and caping out elk skulls. Several of the other guys in camp had found success in the first two days as well. There was a lot of elk meat and antlers hanging out in that walk-in cooler!

We got the antlers and skulls cleaned up for their return trip home, prepped camp meat for the grill for dinner, and then stored the rest of the meat back into the cooler for transport.

With skulls caped and meat in the cooler, it was finally time to relax and enjoy life in elk camp.

The afternoon of Day 3 found us heading back into the hills looking for elk close to camp. Looking for meat to take back to Wisconsin for family and friends, Randy had bought an additional cow tag. We drove up a mountain road to a spot that had yet to be hunted. It was a mountain meadow that looked really promising with game trails coming in and out from every direction.

The guys survey the meadow, looking for the best spot to set up.

We were standing along the side of the meadow looking for the best spot to set up when I saw Dave quickly grab his binos and look to the opposite hillside. “Grab your camera, Brodie, there’s a bear,” he said. We all dropped to our knees as I flipped the camera on to capture the action. The big, chunky bear fed around for 30 minutes before heading back up into the timber.

It never fails. The bears show up when you don’t have a bear hunting license.

As we transitioned back into elk hunting mode, I jokingly said, “You know we’re gonna see all bulls and no cows now that we’re strictly hunting for cows, right?” Little did I know how prophetic my statement would be. Other than one young calf slipping past us, we saw nothing but bulls all afternoon. It was quite a show, however, as several young bulls fought, investigated our cow calls, and bugled back and forth.

Watching and waiting for a cow elk to step out into the meadow.

The sun finally set on what would be my last hunt of the week before heading home.

Randy would have more time to punch his cow tag in the days ahead. Having seen mule deer, bugling bulls, and a big black bear, we couldn’t have asked for a better show.

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better elk hunting experience. To be a part of two trophy bulls being killed, providing a cooler full of meat for my family, and witnessing some of the prettiest scenery God ever made.

This truly was the elk camp experience of a lifetime.

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