Duck decoys are critical to any waterfowl hunter, and that we all know too well. However, have you ever thought about the simple fact that your duck decoy strategy may…
Duck hunting in college can be excruciating at times. I have countless examples of poor time management decisions that I've made as a college student who runs dangerously close to addiction…
Shooting limits of greenheads on public land is tough enough. You’re contending with pressured birds, the weather, maybe an early-morning boat race and every hunter in the marsh high-balling (and…
Green. It’s what true duck hunting fanatics crave…as in drake mallards. And there are so many locales across the four flyways to pursue a limit of our most beloved bird.…
Duck openers are ticking off one-by-one, and by now I’m sure a lot of you have shot a few limits of those drab brown ducks, still waiting on the plumage…
There’s no other way to put it: Summer hunting is a grind, particularly if you chase birds on public land. Doves, geese and for today’s purposes, early-season teal, means getting…
Collegiate duck hunters are driven, driven by their passion for duck hunting, by their commitment to the hunting community, and by their desire to not just to fit in, but…
I’ll never forget the sobering feeling when I first thought of introducing my son to duck hunting. There’s some material out there on how to introduce youth to hunting, but it’s…
You can kill more ducks with this sporting clays tip simply because it comes down to a cliche that is as old as creation: you practice like you play; or,…
Have you ever seen a hunting dog that had super retrieving skills but suddenly became schizophrenic when it came time to retrieve a duck in the water? I have. It’s…
You spent a ton of time looking for a guided duck hunt. You saved all the money looking for a solid, dependable duck hunting outfitter. You looked forward to it all…
Training a gun shy hunting dog is difficult, or at least it can be, mainly because every hunting dog has its own personality and there can be multiple reasons as to why that…
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