Do you practice with your rifle in the off-season? Don’t feel bad if you don’t. It’s safe to say that most hunters drop the ball when it comes to practice…
Whether you’re glassing alpine mountain slopes deep in the backcountry, or hunting rolling hill country and ranch lands, nothing gets the blood pumping quite like a Western mule deer hunt.…
Several months ago, I got the call that I had drawn the coveted first-week rifle elk tag for Colorado. I was originally told that my chances for doing such were…
Elk Camp Day 2 I was still riding high when the alarm went off on the morning of Day 2. I was eager to hit the hills again, this timing…
Elk Camp Day 3 On Day 3, we spent the morning catching up on camp chores, prepping meat, and caping out elk skulls. Several of the other guys in camp…
  "The African Safari: This is a line item on most hunters’ bucket list. It is often said that once you hunt in Africa, it gets in your blood and a…
When it comes to our national heritage, nothing is more genuinely and historically American than deer hunting. Likewise, nothing captures our affection as hunters and riflemen — or stirs the…
On a recent cold-weather coyote hunt on the Eastern Plains of Colorado, I sat hidden among a sea of tall grass, the sky clear and brisk and the FoxPro call…
Mossberg's Tom Taylor and GunTalk TV's Ryan Gresham cover the brand new bolt-action rifle from Mossberg aptly named the Patriot.
GunTalk host Tom Gresham and Mossberg's Tom Taylor have some fun with the Mossberg Patriot Safari Rifle, some Hornady soft points bullets and water jugs.
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