Gerald L

The Story
Me and my little cousin Chase and best friend Austin decided to do man drive in a small cutover on some family land in Southampton county! Chase stepped in the left side and Austin was going to go to the right and send me in the middle.. but Chase cracked a limb and the deer jumped up but never left the cutover! We saw horns but they disappeared! So Austin went down and tried to flank but the deer let him walk right past as Austin was about to exit the cutover he turned around to make one more pass and there he was! The deer stood up Austin couldn’t see him good he hollered here he comes Gerald so he took a shot and then he popped out I shot twice in his shoulder and neck it was all over! The deer is currently scored at 173 inches and is second in the state for a typical killed with a shotgun according to the buckmasters scoring system and their record books! I killed this deer with my best friend and younger cousin but what was really special was that I was using the first gun my grandfather ever gave me and it was the day after his birthday! He’s been gone since 2014 from lung cancer I truly believe he sent me this deer!
Mossberg Product(s)
Mossberg 500 A 12 gauge shotgun
When / Where
January 2021 / Southampton county va