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Customize Your Tactical Shotgun-Free eBook Shows You How

The Mossberg pump-action shotgun has a distinctive sound when the action is racked. For many that sound is the reason they keep a shotgun for home defense. But sound alone doesn’t make an effective tool. There are certain features and considerations that must be made when choosing to customize your tactical shotgun. To help Mossberg fans make informed decisions, we’ve recently pulled together an entertaining and educational eBook that features the choices YouTuber Cameron Martz made when he personalized his Mossberg 590A1.

Read, watch and enjoy learning about the choices he made for his gun and the reasons that fueled his decisions. His videos provide a thorough review of the gun and accessories chosen and provide a personal and at times entertaining look at the products. Some of Cameron’s modifications include adding capacity, spacers, and weapon-mounted lights. However, that is just his unique spin on the Mossberg 590A1– there are a variety of ways to customize your tactical shotgun. To get started, download the eBook today!


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