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Duck Calling Has One Inconvenient Truth

The Single Greatest Truth On Duck Calling

How to call ducks and the basic fundamentals of duck calling is about as wide and varied in opinions as anything you’ll ever experience.

The single greatest truth about duck calling.

Ask 100 duck hunters about how to call ducks or some duck calling tips, and every single one of them will have an opinion.

If you’ve hunted waterfowl for any length of time, then you know that there’s a huge difference between open water calling and how to call ducks in flooded timber. The sounds of those two contexts just require a hunter to adjust to the way one calls at a duck.

Whether you are experienced at duck calling or just now gathering the confidence to blow a duck call, there is one single truth that is quite inconvenient for every duck hunter when it comes to how to call ducks.

Jason Cruise, producer of Mossberg’s Rugged American Hunter, is duck hunting in Arkansas. Today, he covers this inconvenient truth on duck hunting.

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