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Duck Decoys: Why Mixed Spreads Just Work for Duck Decoy Strategy


Duck decoys are critical to any waterfowl hunter, and that we all know too well. However, have you ever thought about the simple fact that your duck decoy strategy may be too simple?

Granted, I’m a firm believer that many duck hunters, when it comes to decoying ducks, often toss out far too many dekes. Yet, the truth is, almost every hunter I know, including myself, can be simplistic in one area: using the same duck decoy spread all the time.

You can take traditional approaches that are just pure money to add realism, like adding a jerk cord. There’s a super short video on how to make a homemade system on our YouTube channel that covers that, and it’s well worth your time.

There’s one other possibility that perhaps you haven’t considered and I’m going to cover it in this video.

On this short duck hunting video below, I’m going to show you a cost effective way to add realism to your decoy spread without breaking your budget.

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