Pro-Series Waterfowl

When the going gets tough, the tough get their hands on our 930 or 935 Pro-Series Waterfowl shotguns. Built to perform under the muddiest, muckiest, and wettest of conditions, these autoloading shotguns feature Pro-Series coatings and finishes that stand up to the elements hunt after hunt and season after season. No hardcore duck hunter should ever enter the blind and face the elements without one.


  • Chambers 2.75",3",3.5" shells 
  • 12 Gauge; 5-Shot
  • Stainless steel return spring
  • Beveled loading gate
  • Interchangeable choke tubes
  • Stock drop shims for a custom fit
  • Standard features of our 935 Magnum including a dual gas-vent system, quick-empty mag release for easy unloading, and drilled and tapped receiver
  • Overbored barrel
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