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How to Choose the Right Crop for Duck Plots

When it comes to planting food plots for ducks, the paralysis of analysis can take over. There are several good see choices out there to attract ducks to your food plot. However, there are several “go to” choices in terms of what crop can produce the best stand.

Food Plots For Ducks & Soil Prep

Too many times a hunter overlooks soil prep, and that’s the key. This video will cover both getting your soil prepped sufficiently, and we will spend a lot of time walking you through duck food plot options such as rice, corn, milo, beans, and millet.

If you didn’t see it already, go ahead and watch the first video of this series, How To Get Started Planting Food Plots. It will help you tremendously if you’re new to waterfowl food plot planting.

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Get it to your hunting buddies who plant food plots for ducks. It’ll make a difference in how many ducks get food this winter.


Jason Cruise is the host of Mossberg’s Rugged American Hunter series.

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