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How To Use Owl And Crow Calls For Turkey Hunting

owl and crow calls

shock calling owl call for turkeys
Locating turkeys with shock calls is the perfect way to get a tom to gobble without giving up your position. And no, we are not covering how to make the sounds. You already know that. We are covering some foundational principles that some hunters can overlook in using owl or crow calls to make turkeys gobble.

Many hunters yelp or use hen cutting to get a bird to respond, and many times you have to use that concept. However, if you can get him to respond by using a locator call without having to hen call to him, you’re simply in a better position to get close to him undetected.

Locating turkeys with shock calls come in many forms. Crow calling for turkeys is popular. Hoot owl calls for turkeys certainly work. Locator calls are great, but you do need to employ a few simple techniques to make it work.

Today on Mossberg’s Rugged American Hunter series, Jason Cruise and Josh Thrash literally get underneath a bird by accident. He gobbles at their Barred Owl locator call and he’s no more than 50 yards away in the dark. Watch what happens next.

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