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Moose Hunt in Newfoundland: Part 2

A pair of patriots travel north—Mossberg Patriots, that is!

As a field editor for the NRA’s American Hunter magazine, I recently traveled to Newfoundland on a caribou and moose hunt to try out Mossberg’s new Patriot bolt-action rifle to see firsthand just how it stood up to a big game hunt in the wilds of northeastern Canada. A guest of the Mt. Peyton Outfitters, I soon discovered that another hunter in camp had brought along the very same rifle: A Patriot with a walnut stock chambered in .300 Win Mag.

Shawn Raimo and Brian Mcombie with matching Mossberg Patriot rifles

Shawn Raimo and Brian McCombie with matching Mossberg Patriot rifles

Shawn Raimo, of Plattsbugh, New York, bought his Patriot during the summer and had given the rifle several good workouts at his local shooting range and was impressed with the rifle’s accuracy and how well it fit him. But why, I asked, had he bought a Patriot in the first place?

“I get all kinds of hunting magazines, and I was looking for a new rifle for this hunt and the Patriot had a number of very good reviews,” said Raimo, 40, a counselor in the New York State prison system. “I liked the price, too. It’s quite affordable. I also own two other Mossbergs and they work great, so I trust the brand.”

A top factor in Raimo choosing the Patriot is that the rifle is magazine fed. “You can slap in a magazine fast and be ready, right now,” he said. “That was a big selling point for me. My other bolt actions are loaded down through the receiver. That can take some real time.”

He was impressed with the stippling on the walnut stock’s pistol grip and forends too, providing a solid grip even in wet conditions. Accuracy? After some practice, Raimo was putting three shots into a circle roughly the size of a quarter. And, no malfunctions or problems through several boxes of ammunition.

Raimo also owns a Mossberg 535 pump-action shotgun that he’s had for a decade–“It’s my go-to gun for bird hunting”—as well as a Mossberg International 715T chambered in .22LR.

Raimo's 700 pound cow

Raimo’s 700 pound cow

After four hard days of hunting, Raimo got to use his Patriot on something more that targets, bringing down his first moose, a Newfoundland cow that hit the scales at just over 700 pounds.

“I’m really glad I bought my Patriot,” he told me after he bagged his cow. “It’s done everything I wanted it to without a single issue. And at a great price!”
By Brian McCombie, field editor for American Hunter Magazine

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