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Mossberg’s Pro-Series Line of Autoloading Shotguns Expands

Mossberg is proud to announce the newly-designed 12-gauge 930 Pro-Series Sporting shotgun designed for the competitive clay shooter and the 930™ and 935 Magnum™ Pro-Series Waterfowl autoloading shotguns which were purpose-built for hardcore duck hunters.

Mossberg’s Pro-Series shotguns were born from collaboration with shooting sports great Jerry Miculek who worked with Mossberg engineers to develop our first pro-series shotgun, the JM Pro shotgun, which was developed to meet the needs of Team Miculek in the rigors of 3-gun competition.

Pro-series shotguns all share upgraded features that include boron nitride-coated gas pistons, piston rings, magazine tubes, hammers, sears, return spring plungers, and return spring tubes for enhanced corrosion resistance and ease-of-cleaning. The shell stops, bolt slides, and elevators receive additional finishing which reduces overall friction on internal parts and provides for faster follow-up shots. And, in the waterfowl guns, the addition of a stainless steel return spring ensures reliable, corrosion-free operation of the recoil system.

The following series of videos will provide a great introduction to each of these fine shotguns.

Watch this video to learn about the development of the Jerry Miculek (JM) Pro-Series shotgun.


Watch this video to learn about the new Pro-Series Sporting.


Watch this video to learn about the new Pro-Series Waterfowl shotguns.

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