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Shooting with Gil & Vicki Ash: Part 2

You’ll never be a great shotgunner…

If you can’t consistently move and mount your shot.  Gil and Vicki Ash demonstrate a drill that will help teach you how to properly mount your shotgun.

Tune in next week for the next installment of OSP Shooting with Gil & Vicki Ash!  If you can’t wait… sign up to get the complete guide to OSP Shooting with Gil & Vicki Ash emailed to you!

Be sure to check out the Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting shotgun, developed by Gil and Vicki for maximum success.  The 930 is a natural pointer, and the perfect platform to take your shooting to the next level.  For a limited time, when you purchase the 930, you will receive a free two-month introductory membership for the OSP Knowledge Vault.

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