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Shooting with Gil & Vicki Ash: Part 3

To shoot a moving target…

You must focus 100% of your attention on the target while inserting your muzzle in front of the target.  Get the picture?  Most new shooters don’t… but after watching this video and doing the drill, you will!  Gil and Vicki developed the three-bullet drill to teach the two sight pictures you’ll see while shooting.

Tune in next week for the next installment of OSP Shooting with Gil & Vicki Ash!  If you can’t wait… sign up to get the complete guide to OSP Shooting with Gil & Vicki Ash emailed to you!

Be sure to check out the Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting shotgun, developed by Gil and Vicki for maximum success.  The 930 is a natural pointer, and the perfect platform to take your shooting to the next level.  For a limited time, when you purchase the 930, you will receive a free two-month introductory membership for the OSP Knowledge Vault.

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