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The Mossberg Spacer System: How to Get the Best Fit for Your Child’s Deer Gun

When I was growing up, the go-to youth deer gun was the lever-action 30-30 rifle or a bolt action .243. These guns seemed to be commonplace among first-timers across the country for deer hunting. However, many younger, smaller framed shooters often found these adult-sized guns difficult to shoulder. The guns were simply too long for them to get into position. In those days, if a dad or grandpa wanted their child to have a youth gun, it meant a custom hack job, where they’d lop off the end of the stock with a saw. When the child grew in size, they’d simply glue, screw, or tape the chunk of wood back in place. It was a crude method, but it worked.

Thankfully times have changed, and there is a better way to outfit our children with a gun that truly fits like it should as they begin their deer hunting careers.

The crew at Mossberg has answered the demand for better fitting firearms for kids with their spacer system. They believe that when a gun fits right, it leads to a safe, successful day in the field. That’s why they have created youth rifles and shotguns with the stock spacer system to allow the gun to grow with the user. It’s the perfect solution for the youngest of hunters, as well as smaller statured adults.

The Mossberg spacer system makes it easier than ever to give your child the perfect fitting deer gun.

A Custom Fit

Mossberg’s spacer system gives you a quick and easy custom fit to your child’s gun. It’s also a great way to get young shooters started earlier in the sport of hunting and provide them with a gun they can grow with. The included spacer allows you to increase the Length of Pull by 1″ when your child has outgrown the stock.  Say goodbye to undersized or oversized gun stocks that are awkward and uncomfortable. 

The Quick Fix

Adding or removing the spacer system is fast and easy. The only tool required is a Phillips screwdriver. You simply start by removing 2 screws from the recoil pad to detach it from the stock.

A screwdriver is all that is needed to remove the recoil pad from the stock to begin the process of adding/removing the Mossberg spacer system.

Once the screws are backed out, the recoil pad easily pops loose and free from the stock. Set it aside and replace it with the 1″ spacer and larger recoil pad that fits the spacer piece. A set of longer screws back in through the recoil pad and the job is done. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it’s a great way to give your child a more comfortable deer gun.

Once in place and tightened up, you’ll hardly notice the spacer system is on the gun because it blends in with smooth lines and a solid fit. It truly is the perfect solution for the best possible fit for your child’s deer gun.

The spacer system is a smooth and clean way to ensure your child’s gun continues to fit them as they grow season after season.

Don’t settle for a gun that is too big or too small for your child this season. Doing so leads to frustration and missed opportunities. Give your child the gun they can grow with – a gun that fits right and gives them the best possible chance at success.

Check out the Mossberg spacer system on select youth guns at

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