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The Value of Firearms Training from Colion Noir

Athletes train to improve their accuracy, speed, agility and performance—and so do shooters. But why is the shooter who trains with a firearm perceived differently than the athlete?

In the second episode of NOIR, sponsored by Mossberg, Colion Noir explores this double standard and proves that the drills, practice and preparation it takes to become a proficient marksman deserve the same respect afforded to any other athlete who is training to be the very best.

“No one may ever see you get a drill right after working on it for hours—and they don’t really care—because perfecting a craft is not always about having the world see it,” notes Noir. “Sometimes it’s enough to know you were able to accomplish it.”

Colion logs time at the range with competitive shooter Michelle Viscusi and they discuss the stereotypes surrounding both the sport and the women who are leading it. Then, he shares his tongue-in-cheek take on the pitfalls of falling in love with firearms, checks back in with Chris Costa and Antanique, and wraps up the episode at the anti-gun roundtable with season 4 guests Ja-Mes and David.

Look for new episodes of NOIR airing every Tuesday on NRATV. If you missed the season premiere, you can watch it on demand. NRATV is available online at or through the NRATV app on Apple TV. You can also view at the NRATV channel on Roku or via Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV.

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