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The Hunter, the Harvest & “The Hunger”


Hunting for meat has its rewards!


While the “foodie” movement of late recognizes the importance of eating locally-sourced food, and the “farm-to-table” concept, hunting for meat and going “field-to-table” has been a lifestyle being lived out for centuries.


Josh Dahlke, host of Scoutlook’s The Hunger, demonstrates the art of butchering.

Enter Josh Dahlke, hunter, writer, and creator of the new ScoutLook series, “THE HUNGER.”  Through this series, Josh takes the organic movement back to its roots, and demonstrates a life spent hunting for meat, and harvesting the bounty to put clean, unprocessed and fortifying food on the table.

Josh explains, “There’s nothing more honest and rewarding than harvesting your own organic protein. Every forkful of wild game comes with a memory, a story, and a sincere respect for where it came from.”

Watch this premiere episode of The Hunger, which takes Josh out to Winnebago Reservation in Nebraska to hunt deer, and offers a great take on a venison recipe by co-host Mitch Kezar. (The delicious result is seen in the image on top of this post!)

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