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Turkey Calling: Late Season Strategies For Changing Turkey Behavior

Turkey calling in late season is different … by far. A hunter must remember that turkeys go through what we refer to as “transitions” and that means that your turkey calling must transition, too.

In this turkey hunting video, we get in super close to a hard gobbling strutter. The hunt is over quick, but the strategy is epic. It’s almost like the tom wanted to be a superstar!


You must put yourself in the mindset of a hen. The yelping is over, because she’s no longer interested in mating. She’s about to lay eggs. Which means she’s elusive, and he’s lonely!

Hey if you like this video, or if it helped you, would you mind sharing it on your Facebook platform or even emailing it to a hunting buddy? If it helped you, it could help them tote one out of the woods this spring.

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