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Turkey Decoy Strategies: Going Beyond Turkey Calls

Turkey decoy set ups are a riddle to every turkey hunter because turkey hunting and turkey calling vary from hunter to hunter. Turkey hunting is more than just finding great turkey calls. Cheap turkey decoys can work, but turkey decoys have evolved to a place where it is worth the cost to get effective decoys.

There are some quality decoys being manufactured these days. Even still, turkey hunting on the next level requires more than just a good decoy: it requires that you think through how to craft a turkey decoy strategy that is as close to universally acceptable to a tom as you can get it.

Today Jason Cruise, producer of Mossberg’s Rugged American Hunter, covers some insights to setting up a turkey decoy concept that is based on a tom’s dominant nature. Turkey decoy strategy is more than just finding a great turkey decoy on sale, nor is it about just putting out a 3D turkey decoy; it’s about using turkey decoys to your advantage. When you combine great decoys with great calls, and great turkey calling, you move your odds up the scale in epic proportions.

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