While we tend to focus on the firearms themselves, the first step in home defense is developing a plan for protecting your household... On several occasions I’ve had the opportunity…
Following the ground‐breaking introduction of the 12‐gauge 590 Shockwave in 2017, Mossberg has continued to expand the line-up with a 20‐gauge offering, and additional 12‐gauge models including the 590 JIC®…
Have you ever wondered which ammunition is best for home defense purposes? Watch Jeremy Stafford explain the difference in impact between slugs, birdshot, and buckshot while he dispels common myths about…
Thinking about adding a shotgun to your home security plan? Clint Smith covers the fundamentals in this video from his channel on YouTube. If you're interested in other home defense strategies…
Good shotgun sling techniques provide for both fast deployment and a safe, secure carry of your firearm. In this video, Jeremy Stafford discusses his favorite techniques for slinging long guns equipped with a…
Wondering how to manage and use recoil to your advantage? After you get your stance just right, watch this quick tip from Jeremy Stafford, demonstrating how you can be faster and more effective by…
Stance with a shotgun may start with the feet, but when done properly, it involves the entire body up to and including a firm cheek-weld.  Watch as Jeremy Stafford shares…
The Mossberg pump-action shotgun has a distinctive sound when the action is racked. For many that sound is the reason they keep a shotgun for home defense. But sound alone…
What should you do when you hear a bump in the night? At 2am, your wife shouldn’t be asking, “Did you hear that?” But she just did.  Now what are…
There are many options and choices to consider after you’ve made the decision to add a firearm to your home security plan.  Some serious questions must be considered:  What training…
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