Mossberg rifles have a reputation for accuracy, reliability, and innovation, earned on hunting grounds, range lanes, competition benches, and battlefields around the world. Choose a centerfire or rimfire rifle, full-size or youth, and see for yourself.


Centerfire Rifles

Centerfire rifles fire cartridges have a center-mounted primer, and typically larger-caliber rounds. Used for hunting or long-distance shooting, Mossberg centerfire rifles are offered in multiple styles, finishes, barrel types and calibers so you can find one that’s built for you.

Rimfire Rifles

Rimfire rifles fire smaller cartridges with the primer located on the rim of the casing. Because of their lower levels of recoil and sound, they are ideal for plinking, hunting small game, learning to shoot, or keeping your existing skills sharp. Mossberg rimfire rifles are available in bolt-action and semiautomatic configurations, for a fun day of plinking and target shooting.

Bolt-Action Rifles

Bolt-action rifles feature a rotating, locking bolt that is manually unlocked then cycled backwards and forwards to remove the spent casing and cycle the next round.  Because of the secure multi-lug locking mechanism between the bolt and chamber, the cartridge is held firmly in place for stability and accuracy.  Mossberg bolt actions have become synonymous with accuracy, as seen in our Patriot and MVP centerfire bolt actions--as well as in our fun plinking rimfire 802 and 817 Mossberg International models. 

Semi-Auto Rifles

Semi-automatic (semi-auto) rifles use energy from recoil or escaping gases to cycle the action. One shot is expelled with each individual pull of the trigger. Because they cycle with less recoil, a semi-automatic rifles allow for smooth, follow-up shots. Mossberg semi-auto rifles are all in .22LR and are a fast favorite of small game hunters and plinking enthusiasts. 

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