Mag-Fed Versatility in a Compact Pump-Action Combining the convenience and adaptability of a mag‐fed shotgun with a “Non‐NFA” pump‐action platform, Mossberg is proud to introduce the 590M Shockwave 12‐gauge firearm…
Following the ground‐breaking introduction of the 12‐gauge 590 Shockwave in 2017, Mossberg has continued to expand the line-up with a 20‐gauge offering, and additional 12‐gauge models including the 590 JIC®…
Mossberg Thanks Local Leaders for Passage of House Bill 1819 Thanks to efforts by members of the Texas House of Representatives and Texas Senate, House Bill (HB) 1819 passed in…
The popularity of the Mossberg 590 Shockwave has been growing steadily since its introduction. Recently Clint Smith took his Shockwave out for a test run at his training facility, Thunder…
O.F. Mossberg and Sons, Inc. expands its venerable line of security firearms with the new 590 Shockwave pump-action firearm.  Featuring a 14 3/8 - inch barrel, pistol grip, and an overall length of 26.5-inches, the…
When it comes to defining a shotgun, the answer to this question is not if it’s an Any Other Weapon (AOW) or Pistol Grip Firearm (PGF). Shotguns Most people assume…
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