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A Complete Guide to Planning Your African Safari


“The African Safari: This is a line item on most hunters’ bucket list. It is often said that once you hunt in Africa, it gets in your blood and a return is imminent. I can attest to the fact that this is true. I never imagined I would ever be able to go to Africa, let alone hunt the gorgeous species that call that huge continent home. But I did; it is in my blood; and I am definitely going back!”


If you’re looking for a complete how to guide for hunting Big Game in Africa, look no further.  Founder and CEO of Prios Hunting & Field Apparel for Women (and former Nurse), Kirstie Pike gives an in-depth look on everything you need to know for your future African Safari, from A-to-Zebra!

The Mossberg Safari Guide, Plan Big for Big Game: A Complete Guide to Planning Your African Safari eBook, covers:

  • Details on different African hunting regions
  • Advice on how to choose the right Safari outfitter
  • Transportation advice (for you, your luggage, and your game)
  • Packing suggestions
  • Advice in case you get sick
  • And more!

Let Mossberg take the guesswork out of your African Safari!

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