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Trophy Buck Hunting: How I Shot The Buck Of A Lifetime

Trophy buck hunting is beyond question some of the most difficult deer hunting a hunter can seek to pursue. I’ve taken some really nice bucks over the years, but there is one buck that is truly the trophy buck of a lifetime.

Many deer hunters today seem obsessed with trophy buck hunting, and I’ll be the first to testify that a big buck can get into your head in a bad, bad way.

Trophy Buck Hunting And Creativity

Trophy Buck HuntingTo be candid, I was intent on trophy buck hunting when I made this trip to the midwest several years ago. I was not, however, prepared for how the hunt would turn out in terms of how I killed this amazing beast.

It all started, however, with a commitment I had made to myself before the season even began.

And, that’s the nature of this short deer hunting video on trophy buck hunting. It’s a thought process that must go into every hunter’s mind if trophy buck hunting is something he wants to pursue consistently.


Jason Cruise is the producer of Mossberg’s Rugged American Hunter series. www.Jason and @JasonLCruise on Twitter.


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