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100 Years of Mossberg



It began in 1919 with a simple dream to manufacture durable and reliable firearms that the working class could afford. As simple as that dream was, it was fairly ambitious. After all, Oscar Frederick Mossberg, a Swedish immigrant, was 53 years old. But he was talented and determined. So armed with experience, innovative designs, and keen knowledge of the industry, he and his two sons, Harold and Iver, began O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.

The First Mossberg


The Mossberg legend begins in a rented loft on State Street in New Haven, Connecticut, where Oscar Mossberg and his sons Iver and Harold begin producing the 4-shot, .22 caliber Brownie pistol. It would be the first in a long line of innovative, reliable firearms bearing the Mossberg name.


Mossberg offers up its first rifle, the MODEL K, a .22 hammerless pump repeater originally designed by Arthur Savage, then improved and finalized by Mossberg.

The Great Depression


The Mossberg legend begins in a rented loft on State Street in New Haven, Connecticut, where Oscar Mossberg and his sons Iver and Harold begin producing the 4-shot, .22 caliber Brownie pistol. It would be the first in a long line of innovative, reliable firearms bearing the Mossberg name.

The War Years


O.F. Mossberg and Sons wins a government contract to produce tolerance tooling gauges, .50-caliber machine gun parts, and components of the British Lee-Enfield rifle.

1941 - 1943

MODEL 42MB, a .22 training rifle created for British troops under the Lend-Lease Act.  Over 45,000 were produced.


Mossberg uses its entire advertising budget to get pre-draftees and junior shooters interested in rifle training. During this time, Mossberg produces several hundred thousand copies of the War-Department-endorsed Guidebook to Rifle Marksmanship.

Post War Era


The Model 183D bolt-action shotgun is introduced. It is the first Mossberg repeating shotgun and the first with an adjustable choke, features that would be found on many future Mossberg shotguns.


Mossberg releases the Model 400, the first in the line of Palomino lever-action shotguns. The Palomino line would stay in production for more than 20 years.


The first youth model, the 173Y, is introduced. This .410 bolt-action shotgun’s smaller stock opens up shooting to younger generations and smaller-statured shooters.

A New Era: The Mossberg 500

A New Era: The
Mossberg 500


In August, the first Model 500 is produced. This pump-action shotgun would become legendary for its reliability and durability, and would lay the foundation for multiple variants to come.


Mossberg is awarded a government contract to produce the Model 500 as a combat-duty-rated pump shotgun. It will eventually be adopted by every branch of the United States Military.


With the discontinuation of the Model 395, Mossberg ceases production of bolt-action shotguns.


In collaboration with the Federal Cartridge Company, Mossberg releases its first shotguns chambered for 3.5-inch waterfowl magnum loads.


Mossberg spearheads the movement to include a safety cable lock with every new firearm. Developed by Alan Mossberg, the lock would eventually become standard for every manufacturer in the industry.

Expansion and

Expansion and Adaptation


Mossberg expands its range of customization options to give shooters more of the features they want, including camouflage and matte-finish barrels. Other new options include barrel porting, Speed-Feed stocks, and new premium and field stocks.


In another milestone of Mossberg innovation, the company creates the Model 590 Mariner™ Line Launcher system for seafaring applications.


In response to hunter demand, Mossberg reintroduces a bolt-action shotgun to its line -- The Model 695 -- which would go on to be named Shotgun of the Year. This is also the year Viking stocks are first introduced.


Mossberg introduces a new line of fiber-optic sights, and a new .50-caliber muzzle-loading barrel. New Mossy Oak™ and Real Tree® Camo patterns are also introduced.

Into The New

Into The New Millennium


Mossberg unveils the SSi-One line of single-shot, lever-action shotguns and rifles. With multiple interchangeable barrels offered in a wide range of calibers and gauges, the SSi-One platform lets shooters use one firearm to serve a wide variety of needs and applications.


Mossberg helps improve safety for firearm owners everywhere by releasing the innovative Loc Box safety system.


Mossberg offers its widest selection of firearms since 1938, including new youth and centerfire models, the Mossberg International™ and Mossberg International Reserve series, and the all-day, all-terrain 535ATS.

New Traditions


Mossberg begins manufacturing its own centerfire rifles in-house again, starting with the Model 100ATR. Available with a variety of finishes and stock choices, the Model 100ATR would prove to be a reliable companion in every kind of terrain.


Mossberg helps rekindle an appreciation for traditional lever-action rifles with the Model 464, while the recently-introduced Model 930SPX is named Gun of the Year. User-adjustable LBA and LPA triggers are introduced this year, as well.


The Model 500 line expands to offer 41 different variations, allowing shooters, hunters, law enforcement, and military personnel to customize their firearm to their exact specifications and needs.

The Milestones

The Milestones Continue


The storied Model 500 celebrates its 50th anniversary with the release of the Model 500 Classic, the Model 500 Chainsaw, and a new Blackwater series. Mossberg also rolls out the AR-style 702 Tactical .22 rifle, and the X-12 Less-Than-Lethal shotgun.


Mossberg enters the modern sporting rifle market with the AR-style Mossberg MMR. The MVP rifle line debuts this year as well, as does the Flex™ Modular Platform. Flex allows shooters a new level of customizability, with a system of easily swappable barrels and stocks.


The ultimate 3-gun shotgun, the Jerry Miculek JM Pro Series™ 930, redefines what shooters can expect from a competition shotgun.

American Pride,
Front and Center

American Pride, Front and Center


Mossberg releases a line of mil-spec Model 500 shotguns, offering civilians the same features found on military versions. The Magpul series is introduced, as are Five pistols in the 715 family.


The Patriot rifle is introduced, featuring a newly redesigned bolt action, a box magazine, and multiple stock and barrel finishes. The Patriot rifle will become the foundation for the Night Train rifle package. New MVP models are introduced, as is the Blaze 47 line.


The revolutionary Mossberg 590 Shockwave is introduced, sending ripples through the entire firearms industry. This ultra-portable shotgun gives shooters a fully legal alternative to a short-barreled shotgun without the need for a federal tax stamp.

Mossberg at 100


Mossberg celebrates 100 years in business. Through it all, the company has remained family owned, family operated, and totally committed to offering “more gun for the money” with the most innovative, reliable firearms on the market.