Whether you’re bringing down the big game, taking a bird on the wing, punching another hole in the 10-ring, or turning another clay into dust, you need a firearm that’s reliable, accurate, and utterly dependable. When accuracy, consistency, and reliability matter, make sure you’re aiming a Mossberg. 


When safety is at stake and lives are at risk, the best defense is a firearm you can depend on. When there’s a potential for danger, there’s a need for a Mossberg.


When you’re ready to compete at the most serious levels, we’re ready to help you win. Our competition firearms are designed with the input and expertise of some of the most recognized names in shooting sports. They know what it takes to win, and that’s what we build in to each design.


When a firearm fits right, it leads to a safe, successful day afield. Select models have the stock spacer to allow the firearm to grow with the user. Likewise, these firearms are well suited for smaller statured adults.

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