Whether you’re introducing someone to the sport of shooting or just finding a firearm that fits, Mossberg has a full line of rifles and shotguns built with all the features and innovation found in our full-sized lines. Many models also feature adjustable stocks with spacers that can be lengthened to accommodate growing shooters, or modified to give smaller-statured shooters a perfect fit.


Bantam Rifles

Whether you’re sharing the love of the hunt or a passion for competitive shooting, Mossberg Bantam rifles provide an excellent introduction to the sport. They’re also an ideal way for smaller-statured shooters to find a more custom-fitting rifle that offers all the advantages of a Mossberg.

Bantam Shotguns

A love of hunting or sporting clays is worth passing on to the next generation, and Mossberg Bantam shotguns provide an ideal entry into the sport. They also help smaller-statured shooters get a more customized fit to help them make the most of every shot.

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Bantam / 41 Products

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Bantam / 41 Products