We put industry-leading innovation, reliability, and quality into every firearm that bears our name. Our legendary line of shotguns offers three different action types, and hundreds of possibilities. All built to the exacting Mossberg standards that brought you here in the first place.


Pump-Action Shotgun

Mossberg pump-action shotguns have been proven in some of the worst conditions on earth. Also known as slide action shotguns, they feature a mechanical action connected to a sliding grip under the barrel. After each shot, the pump is cycled back and forward to eject the spent shell and chamber a new one.

Semi-Auto Shotgun

Mossberg semi-automatic (semi-auto) shotguns are popular among waterfowl and competition shooters who want to stay on target for rapid follow-up shots from the blind or clay stand. They use the energy of the recoil to automatically cycle the action after each trigger pull, ejecting the spent shell and chambering a new one in one swift motion.

Break-Action Shotgun

Mossberg break-action shotguns are based on one of the oldest shotgun designs around, updated with modern performance and safety features. They feature barrels and chambers that unlock from each other and pivot on a hinge to allow for loading. Spent casings are either automatically ejected or removed manually from the breech.

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