YOUTH 500/505/510


When the time is right to introduce your child to the shooting sports safely and reasonably, proper fit goes hand in hand with proper training.  Promote a safe and successful day afield with your growing shooter with our "E-Z Reach" forend, shorter trigger reach, and adjustable length of pull stock—also handy for small-statured adults.

500® BANTAM/505™ YOUTH


Developed with an innovative 1" stock spacer, our Super Bantams were designed to grow with the shooter, continually providing a proper length-of-pull through the shooter’s formative years. And, like all of our Youth pump-actions, Super Bantams have a smaller grip for easier trigger reach, EZ-Reach™ forends on select models for shorter reach while cycling the action, and shorter barrels for better balance.

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YOUTH 500/505/510 / 19 Products

YOUTH 500/505/510 / 19 Products