YOUTH 500/505/510

From EZ-Reach forends, located closer to the receiver, to its innovative super bantam stock spacer system, designed to grow with the user, Mossberg is one of the industry’s strongest advocates for a shooting sports experience that is both safe and enjoyable.

500® BANTAM/505™ YOUTH

At Mossberg, we’re dedicated to ensuring that those who are ready for the responsibility of hunting are safely outfitted with a firearm that fits properly and comfortably. Mossberg Youth pump-actions have ergonomics built-in: EZ-Reach™ forends for a shorter reach when cycling the action on select models, a smaller grip for easy trigger reach, and more compact lengths of pull.


Developed with an innovative 1" stock spacer, our Super Bantams were designed to grow with the shooter, continually providing a proper length-of-pull through the shooter’s formative years. And, like all of our Youth pump-actions, Super Bantams have a smaller grip for easier trigger reach, EZ-Reach™ forends on select models for shorter reach while cycling the action, and shorter barrels for better balance.

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YOUTH 500/505/510 / 19 Products

YOUTH 500/505/510 / 19 Products